More lemons and a kiss me quick hat…

Talking of squeezing the lemon,  70 seniors swept through a new year roast, followed by crumble and custard today. It was a revealing sight.

Every year in my village a very kind lady, pretty well single-handedly gets funding to host a full spectacular lunch for the village pensioners – parsnips and all. Volunteers turn up, the dinner is cooked, tables are dressed and wine and orange juice are served. The chat hovers over each table. Most are friends, many have lived locally all their lives. I sat on the corner of one table in between one lady with a black eye who had fallen out of bed at christmas and one who decided to touch my knee. She laughed loudly with her friend opposite who told me how they used to go to the seaside together with their families and eat cheese, tomatoes and bread by the car in a lay-by on the way. They laugh even louder when she tells me how she tried a kiss me quick hat and pulled it down so hard the rim came off past her nose. She put it back and didn’t tell anyone she said, but it still makes her laugh.

As we all age its worth reminding ourselves that there are still kind people who get others together and that there are always stories and memories that make us laugh.

And the very kind lady who made it all possible. Her name is Joyce and here she is – how many Joyce’s do you know? Are you a Joyce?

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