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It’s amazing what you can discover in the window of your local post office.  And sometimes things you search for in distant places are right before you if only you’d take the time to look.

I was contemplating how to promote a PR feature on ‘video wills’ – a new trend to pass on to families the things that matter to you that a written will often misses. It’s not a substitute for a will – but it is part of the change that is emerging showing our increasing ability to talk more openly about life and death. Anyway, the occasional glance at a post office noticeboard when I venture down my high street often reveals small insights into life that make me smile. The coffee morning, the window cleaner ad, the day trip to Yarmouth are the mosaic of a  community and among them you will always find the unexpected.

Beautiful Memories are a video will making company. And there in the village post office window their ad made its connection. Of course it was a coincidence – a happy one from which a new course emerges. The following week whilst driving in to town,  I stopped in disbelief at another coincidence.

Having spent a great deal of time on building a TV ad for Remember a Charity that was based around a motorbike funeral, you can imagine that when we chose that creative it was pretty clear that not every town or village has a local celebrity motorbike funeral service of its own. The irony that that one year later I come across one parked outside a maternity wear shop called Truly Bumptious was not, of course, lost on me.

Either I live in some rural Bermuda Triangle of fate or, as is more likely its everyday coincidence. Either way, it amused us all, but perhaps its lesson is that as we seek to inspire and engage as we search for answers, insight, knowledge and meaningful relationships it sometimes pays to look more closely under our own noses than some mysterious place far off….

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  1. That is brilliant. I think you need to keep your eyes peeled in the rural Bermuda Triangle of fate – its all there for the taking….

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