It’s time fundraising became a movement..

Is it right to have a vision for fundraising. A grand aspiration. It is. I do.

I believe fundraising should be a movement. I believe it needs everyone at every level, at every place, in every corner to feel part of it. I don’t believe in small and narrow. I do believe in big and bold. I believe fundraisers must value their skill, be recognised, acknowledged and demonstrate trust but not by putting themselves above the donor or their cause. I believe in a generous society with generous people supported to be generous at whatever level and through whatever means. I believe in a generous society where people who ask for money and raise money are treated like the saviours and soldiers for change they are. Celebrated, thanked, admired. I believe fundraising is the primary way to make change….it’s not brand, its not logo’s, its work, it’s doing, its reaching, its value, its impact.

I believe in leadership at all levels. I believe technique is secondary and less important than emotional connection and passion. I believe our tools are a means to an end not the end. I believe in gangs of great people. working together and belonging to each other, and feeling a powerful joy in being together for a good reason or cause. I believe that if you are a receptionist or the finance manager or the HR professional or the CEO or the Chairman, you are a fundraiser, that you get it and want more, that you help do it, that you get others to do it. I believe that fundraising is art. I believe its beauty is its creativity, and inspiration and its stories. I believe we need more not less. Whilst we need machines, and process, and technique, and structures, and rules, and standards we need our hearts aligned wherever we are, we need more people wherever they are, we need joined up, together, connected.

I believe we are a movement. A story telling engine of human connection. Our movement is simple – ‘we need you’, ‘will you give’ ‘will you help’ will you make it happen’ ‘will you make a difference’ would it be possible to’. Our movement is positive. It is joy.

Fundraising. A movement for good, of the good, by the good.
(all those attending the IOF Convention – seize the day)
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