Lessons from a leaving book…

I have just left the NSPCC. After 11 and a bit years its time for a new challenge, as Revenue Fundraising Director at Maggie’s, the cancer care centre charity that has a brilliant and inspirational approach to helping people deal with the impact of cancer.

Leaving and starting something new have a journey all of their own. Each step takes its course and with time and perspective you get to appreciate the whole process and transition. When I left the NSPCC, my team and colleagues took me out (a few times!), ensured we celebrated, and made and presented a scrapbook of pictures, memories, letters and notes. I truly treasure it. After a few weeks the book, my memories of the people I worked with, the things we achieved and the time I spent there have helped me distill a few simple lessons. I thought I might share them, my lessons from a leaving book and a time only just gone by. Here they are.

1. Your team and the people you work with make everything possible, worthwhile and brilliant

2. You can’t please everyone but there is no shame in trying

3. Familiarity does not breed contempt. Contempt comes from a lack of respect and that’s what you have to earn.

4. People want to go on a journey – they will thrive, grow and develop when they are part of going somewhere important together

5. People who bring a team down should leave – they get in the way and make everyone miserable

6. Respect for difference’s between people is everyone’s responsibility

7. Having fun and making time to connect people is never wasted

8. Celebrate, praise and be proud of small steps as well as big ones

9. Focus on getting, keeping and nurturing talent and really good people who want to work with you to achieve something

10.  Fail a few times, and then fail again. So what….you won’t always get it right but you will get there in the end

My leaving book is a precious gift about the past and what’s possible with the right people. Its new job is to inspire me for the future.

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