My breakfast TV debut…..

Under most circumstances I’m not an early morning person. Now I’ve struggled with this for most of my life so when you have to appear on breakfast TV the next morning,  frankly it adds to the small burden of anxiety. 

We had landed that often elusive BBC Breakfast TV slot with a survey Remember A Charity and Good Relations had created on Video Wills. 63% had said they would consider creating a video  to support a written will and through a link up with a company called Beautiful Memories we had a real one to share with the BBC and the british public. The message was part of our strategy to get people talking and  the survey said the public were up for more than we had imagined. It was time to wake up.

The previous night I stayed in a hotel nearby. No alcohol and plenty of water and trying to get to sleep at a reasonable hour was scuppered by two eastern europeans in the next room loudly moving my headboard back and forth. Very off-putting. Eventually I managed to sleep, anxious that I either wouldn’t sleep at all or not wake up if I did. As it happens the alarm did go off and I anxiously got ready. I then discovered that I had forgotten my deodorant as well. Better keep my arms at my side then.

At the studios, I managed to get some make up, which might help reduce the baggy eyes look I had cultivated but sadly there was no time for Botox. In the green room, I then discovered that I was on with a really nice solicitor who was a bit too tall for my liking.  Nevertheless, we tuned into each other and made our way to the studio. It’s smaller than you think and just a bit surreal…..somehow it ticks over incredibly well and you are pretty conscious that its live and you need to get it right. No time to think before you are miked up, on the sofa and watching the intro VT (did you see how I used the term VT – on the inside now you know).

The first question. Bridge and answer what you want to say. The next. Him, then me. Then her, then him, then me. Final plea and key message. And then within a few minutes, unlike the eastern europeans in the room next to me its all over.  What a relief. Overall I think it went well despite my critical eye and there’s always things you can do better. A few repeat words, a little hesitation. You learn quickly what works and what doesn’t but once it’s over its over.  And we got some great PR for the cause.  More amazingly perhaps, I woke up. I got there…..and I did it.

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