Name your job in 3 words…

When Ernest Hemingway wrote a six word story ‘For sale; baby shoes, never worn’ he began a worldwide challenge to follow. In a world where a job is described in pages of tasks, what if we could describe it in just 3 words?

Six word stories and epitaphs make us condense the essence into a short sharp sentence. How would you sum up your life in six words? My attempt is this

After much debate, not bad considering

It’s made me smile a lot, this attempt. Enough to describe, and enough mystery to be puzzled over. So a job in three? It won’t be a task list, or a set of duties. It won’t be an organisation chart or a person spec. But it should be a higher order describer….three transforming aims, three aspirations, three powerful statements. So…a Fundraiser….

Enabler, connector, transformer

Just like three little words – I love you, that says it all, what are your three words to describe what you do?

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