Coaching & Consultancy

Using 7 core PASSION principles to guide fundraising leadership, Leadership Driven Fundraising starts with a focus on leadership, uses principles to guide the right approach, creates a strong methodology and is underpinned by emotional connection and passion. Coaching packages, strategic plans, organisational and department reviews and personal and team support and consultancy are offered to help you be better fundraising leaders and deliver result

Driving Legacy Fundraising

The 6 step Legacy Fundraising programme will give you a blueprint to review and refresh your legacy programme. With national and global experience from award winning campaigns and over 12 years legacy experience, the 6 Step Legacy Fundraising Programme will help you find purpose, define your approach and strategy, change behaviour, build a strong internal campaign, put in the right measures, develop proposition, drive campaigns and develop a powerful nurture campaign.

Finding Purpose, Case & Story

The Purpose Driven Fundraising Programme brings together the key elements of great fundraising into one programme. Space to find and connect with purpose. A bold reboot of your case for support, the need and your solution in language we get and can use. Stories, so you can tell our own and not be afraid. Asking and pitching with confidence, clarity and capability and above all spark. And adding spirit and magic so they stay.

Innovation & Creativity

Having started in Community Fundraising and led one of the UK’s largest community teams I help local teams, hospices, national fundraising teams with local fundraisers and their leaders to deliver great fundraising, through high value, groups, products and relationship fundraising. I have a 6 step method - the 6 P’s - Purpose, people, plan, products, process and produce to guide reviews, new plans, problem solving and to help lift and energise local fundraising

Building Fundraising Teams

Finding, building, keeping and motivating high performing teams make a crucial difference to fundraising success. My programme takes 35 years of experience and works with you to solve your team challenges and help you and your team thrive. From reviews, strategy, team building, coaching, problem solving, training and workshops to one to one and team development, I can help you get the most out of your people and your team

Speaking, Workshops, Training

I have spoken at conferences, workshops, and delivered training all over the world. This includes plenary sessions to motivate and inspire at major conferences, and at staff away days. I regularly run workshops, facilitate meetings and team sessions, speak to trustees and boards and run bespoke training sessions on a wide range of fundraising, leadership and personal development subjects and am available to speak, facilitate and train wherever you are.

Where I've worked

What people are saying

“Absolute pleasure to work with Stephen on every level! He seized our brief to develop an organisational case for support with complete gusto, bringing great experience, energy, insight and humour to the project. As a result, we emerged with a new way to tell the story of how our supporters can change children’s lives that is inspiring support up and down the country while enthusing and motivating our staff too. I’d thoroughly recommend working with Stephen”
Joe Jenkins
Director of Supporter Impact & Income, at The Children’s Society
"Stephen brought a valuable ability to build on previous work we had done and challenge us to think differently about what we could achieve in the future. He is extremely skilled in managing groups of colleagues to bring out the best of our thinking and shaping the input of many into coherent and immediately usable outputs, sharing tools and methodologies with us along the way. His work has already raised the level of ambition in the team and colleagues are using the language we developed in their fundraising conversations to great effect"
Penny Canepa-Anson
Associate Director of Development at the Science Museum Group
"Stephen was everything you could hope for in a facilitator – energetic and personable, backed up by a huge bank of expert knowledge and experience. He tailored the session brilliantly to our organisation and as a result we got huge value from it"
Adam Heuman
Director of Engagement, World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts