The 12 days of christmas fundraising wishes …

On the 12th day of christmas, my true love gave to me…..well how about 12 christmas fundraising wishes…12 aspirations, 12 challenges.

On the first day of christmas (etc etc etc)… here goes…..

1. More investment in fundraising… in the sector, in charities & board level, by fundraising leadership and CEO’s who get what it takes and are prepared to argue for it

2. Better fundraising educated CEO’s and charity leadership..there’s not enough basic understanding of fundraising by some key leaders. It’s an engine at the heart of the business of charity, and ought to demand, in some cases, a little more respect, appreciation and support.

3. Everyone able to tell story’s about their cause – wouldn’t it be great if everyone involved was able (and allowed) to tell stories, use social media, not to have to get approval in triplicate because they were so good at it, it was pointless…

4. The sector standing up for giving – a leader in the big society – what if we seized the day, banged the drum for giving, led the debate, put fundraising at the heart of change, created a new social marketing campaign, a new giving campaign that created a new age of philanthropy..

5. A bigger pool of talented people – Talent that listens, learns, respects, trains, shares and makes things happen, stirs it up a bit …lots of ’em, wanting to make an impact

6. Deeper insight, through research – how about more sector research, deeper meaning and insight, the true psychology of the donor relentlessly pursued, funded and part of all our everyday mission

7. Outward facing – not internal facing – donor led brands, organised to delight, to deliver experience and inspiration, focused on the real world, not around the water cooler or the internal brand guidelines handbook

8. More collaboration – working together on stuff that makes sense together. Building on Remember a Charity, let’s get some powerful alliances that make a real impact, save money in the process and advances our work so we can advance our causes – together

9. Creating a new community – blending traditional and online, face to face and social media, creating a new era of real, deep emotionally satisfying engagement that has impact locally and globally. 19th century meets 21st.

10. Better integration – No more silos. No more boxes without keys. Objectives, approach, strategy and delivery all joined up. Donor experience complete. Impact and value to the cause amplified

11. No more corporate insecurity – I wish, oh I wish we could have more confidence in our abilities. We can be business like but not a business. There is a difference. If you don’t get the difference we risk becoming just a machine. The worst of both worlds instead of the best of both. Make the leap to our world – not the other way round.

12. Ambition, ambition, ambition – Small charities are fine. Small minds aren’t. Big charities are fine. Small ambition isnt. We can do much more. Much, much more.

Think about it. Happy new year!!!

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