The 6 leadership tips from a journey with a sat nav…

This wasn't me but it felt like it...

Have you ever driven a van around central london using a sat nav to get you from a to b? I wouldn’t want to do it every day but sometimes fundraisers need to just muck in. It does give you time to think however…

The sat nav is an amazing innovation….a speaking map, a calculator, a time machine, an eye in the sky and a companion. We have learnt to rely on it, the days of a map seeming so long ago. Yet, our dependence somehow challenges the use of our judgement.

Tales of driving into swamps, open fields and narrow streets remind us that its a guide and nothing more.  So, here are 6 leadership lessons from following a piece of technology round the crowded streets of our capital..

1. You need the bigger picture to make sense of the one in front of you

2. You need more than one source of information to make a decision

3. The destination may remain but the journey will change

4. All your senses are needed to make the right judgement

5. Trusting your instincts is as important as the evidence

6. Don’t listen to everything you are told – find out for yourself

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