The 9 motivators for fundraising


As we find the way forward in fundraising we need to remember the past and present. Motivation. The core of human achievement and where we must always be.

There is no science to this other than experience, instinct and observation. But here are 9 motivators for fundraising. The drivers we need to understand and be along side.

  1. Love of – The prime driver. Love of a cause, person or experience
  2. Dare – A gauntlet thrown down and picked up
  3. Challenge – A quest to prove. A test for oneself or family or friends. A personal test
  4. Change – To create change in something or someone
  5. Build – To make something new
  6. Save – A saviour, to keep something special and of value, to stand up for
  7. Repair – Restore, put right, fix and establish in a new world what was once
  8. Belong – To join in and be part of, a gang and community together
  9. Guilt – Fear, guilt as a driver that is the least attractive but real and alive

Motivation is what makes change and fundraising can be the route to make the most change – personally as well as together

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  1. Hi Stephen,

    Great little article. But i’d like to add a tenth motivating factor, reward/achievement. It’s one that is often overlooked by charities and yet is definitely fundamental. Rewards most often take the form of a feeling. Some charities will reward supporters with some form of responsibility, that of a specific child or animal that you sponsor. But by far the best rewards or achievements are ones that are permanent, personal and can be displayed to others. It’s a fundamental principle to the non-profit social enterprise that I am founding.

    The project is called oodles and it aims to create an engaging fundraising community for registered UK charities. Unlike existing platforms, there is a one to many relationship, where one donation can be spread across multiple charities, allowing members to support many charities from a single platform. There is also an offline component in the form of a charm bracelet and collectible beads. The emphasis is on continuous engagement and reaching new supporters by ‘gamifying’ the process. Through donations, sharing on social media and referring new members, users unlock achievements and rewards in the form of new charms for their bracelet. It is explained in greater detail in our crowd funding video ( and our website

    I’d love to hear your professional opinion on our approach and whether it is an initiative that you could get behind.

    Thanks and keep the great content coming!


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