10 rules for ending, starting and ending a financial year

I tell a story in my workshops about the 9 month fundraising year. It goes like this. 

You start the year shattered. Its been a drain. So, time for some training maybe, some space, a little think time. Then suddenly its the end of the first quarter. Better crack on, but everyones away now. Then its September. Full on. Plans and budgets, christmas frenzy and then last quarter, chase, chase, chase. The finishing line. Knackered. And you start the year, well, late again. The 9 month fundraising year. Familiar?

The knack is being conscious, rather than that surreal out of body, someone else is driving this, kind of feeling. So here’s 10 rules for ending and starting and ending a financial year:

  1. Plan the end
  2. dd
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