The point of added value….

Local story. Big lesson.

The village charity committee wanted to hold a meeting to plan the summer event. In one of the pubs, the secretary asked the bar staff if they could use their room (they have used it before). The bar staff told her it would cost £10. Now given that there are 10 on the committee at an average of each spending £4 on the night in the bar, that’s £40 in a midweek when, let’s be honest most pubs are empty. If you add the good will, the reputation, and the fact that it’s a local charity doing good for THEIR community and you start to get a bit lost why they would charge £10.

Anyway, the pub was challenged. £10? Really? No shift? No? Fine said the charity secretary,  “We’ll go to the King Bill then” “Oh well” said the pub “up to you”.

Yep. It is up to you. So they went somewhere else, and told everyone how miserably they were treated. It could have been so different  – just a little bit of judgement, a little bit of investment, a little bit of common sense, a little bit of kindness, a better view of the bigger picture – that’s all that was required to create 10 happy people spending in your place and telling nice tales about you.

There is one small gift in this and one big lesson. It teaches us all that value is always above price.

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  1. Its all about customer service – the pub failed to log that most business comes from personal recommendations – personal recommendations from the local community. This was a brilliant business opportunity and a way to support the local community that they failed to take – similar to one highlighted here… Shame on you unnamed pub. Shame on you.

  2. If they were really smart, the landlord would’ve given the room for free and asked if they could be on the committee. They could’ve negotiated a deal on the summer event’s food, which has a bigger mark-up than drink, and encouraged everyone to come to the pub afterwards.

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