Those are the moments to live for…what’s yours….?


Bruce Forsyth is retiring from Strictly Come Dancing. When interviewed, Karen Hardy the dance partner of Mark Ramprakash who won in 2006 told a story of how they had a wardrobe malfunction on air, resulting in the dance being completed ruined. Bruce ran on to the floor, sweeping up a random partner to dance with, and to everyone’s amusement and relief kept the show going.

In the dressing room afterwards, Karen and Marc went to apologise to Bruce. They felt they had let everyone down including him. He was surprised and then turned to them and looking them in the eye he said “But Karen…..those are the moments I live for”. Nice.

Maybe it takes insight from age or experience or a conscious nudge from outside, but its a special place to get to when you can connect with the moments you live for. They are not always obvious. They dont’ happen every day. They may be in the work you do, or the life you lead or hopefully both. They may not be earth shattering like discovering a planet, but whatever they are, they are a cherry on the top. A moment to savour and satisfy.

Can we connect with our moments to live for? The simple things – a smile from your child on their first day at school, a hot cross bun and a cup of tea from your nana on a monday morning, an ‘I love you’ from your special one. Or a thing discovered, made, fixed or built, or the delivery of a result or outcome you made happen. Or the climbing of a mountain or river crossed or challenge achieved. Or the place visited, the beer in foreign bars, the coffee in the streets of Florence, the crescendo of a concert or chorus, the eyes in a portrait that are looking at only you. Or is it the roar of a crowd when you perform, a moment of public inspiration and insight when you make someone connect or a private breakthrough when someone is better because of what you did right there, right then.

I know you all have moments to live for – it’s just I’m not sure we all know honestly what they are. If we did, if we knew, wouldn’t we find more…wouldn’t we?

As Bruce would say ….”Nice to see you…to see you nice……”

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