Where were you when you first saw 3D..

So, where were you when you first saw a 3D movie?. For many, the first experience will have been at your local multiplex watching Avatar this week.  It really does have the wow factor – both the movie and the 3D.  Sky, cleverly got the first ad in as a giant HD box poked its way into your popcorn. That was real stand out.

For some 3D memory may stray to those rubbish gimmicky movies where an axe would be thrown at your head and you would embarrasingly avoid being hit by diving for cover. The effect might work only if the cardboard glasses didn’t fall off just before as they oftern did. 3D is a technology that has been around for a long time. The first 3D movie in 1952 was called Bwana Devil and it promised “a lion in your lap” and “a lover in your arms”.  I know which one I’d prefer. Despite its history however, the digital age beckons a new 3D world with new films in the pipeline, 3D versions of classics (can’t wait for the Death Star to explode) and TV just around the corner.

Stunning as this, its worth reflecting on your first encounter and savouring the moment. But it goes deeper. Where were you when you first got a fax? What was it like when you made your first mobile phone call or text? How did it feel when you watched your first video at home? Where were you when you first saw High Definition? These firsts are the living history we live and breath and watch every day. We take them for granted in the pace of our world as the next wow comes along.

Wouldnt it be great to stop every so often and remember each first, to enjoy the possibility, creativity and vision that made each one possible. Behind each one is a person making something extraordinary happen so one day you can go wow too…….wow.

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  1. I remember when I sent my first text… I stole my mum’s brick of a mobile phone whilst sitting in the front seat of the car whilst she nipped out to get petrol- this gave me approximately 3 minutes to send my first ever text to my then boyfriend without her knowing- it was a race against the clock!

    and little did i know that yesterday when you showed me your new blog and i had it up on my iPhone within one minute i was probably showing you a little “wow”!

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