Why isn’t there a Big Brother Big Sister in the Big Society?

If ever there was a time for a national, co-ordinated, mentoring volunteering movement, the time is now. But a quick web search tells a very different story.

Take a look at Britain today. Armies of young people crying out for direction, support, attention – time. Around them armies of adults skilled in life wondering what they could do to make a simple difference. Why don’t we match the two? Obvious isn’t it. I guess that’s one of the challenges of the Big Society. People taking action. But despite several searches, there only seems to be a hotch potch of local opportunities, often poorly advertised, and to be honest poorly communicated. Amidst what seems like a massive level of complication, weak information, poor proposition and bureaucracy, these fledgling organisations are a long way from a movement.

Across the pond, Big Brothers Big Sisters have a different approach and experience. Simple proposition, national movement, clean style and offer, emotive solution and inspiring chance to make a difference. Why isn’t it here – right now? Where’s our movement? Where’s our emotional power and calling, our application of our marketing skills? Where’s our Big Brother Big Sister in every town and community? Why isn’t there a Big Brother Big Sister in the Big Society?

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  1. I agree, however having recently tried to become a mentor, the experience is off putting and upsetting, more bureaucracy and barriers in our way to help .. such a shame.

  2. Stephen, I agree wholeheartedly that Big Beothers Big Sisters would be a wonderful addition here in the UK.

    I know that Boris Johnson has/had a mentoring program in London but I am not sure how well that worked out.

    I worked as a consultant in New York for years, raising funds for BB/BS of New York City.

    The former executive director Allan Luks is amazing and has worked for years on mentoring and volunteer led projects. He can be found on Twitter @allanluks. I am sure he is on LinkedIn as well.

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