Why wait for someone else….

I attended the Legacy Marketing Groups session on challenges for 2010 yesterday. And we have a few by all accounts.

I, along with Richard Ratcliffe, Meg Abdy and others set out our views about the issues facing legacy fundraisers. We looked at trends, numbers, strategy, collaboration and tactics and many other issues.  Plenty to get our teeth into. But what struck me, was a certain paralysis among many who attended. It’s fine to focus on the tactics of your mailing if thats where you want to focus. But what really emerged was a hunger for a wider stage to play on, a chance to be heard and be placed at the heart of their organisation and a need to find ways to influence others to play their part in the legacy journey.

Flip chart after flip chart, group by group the cry was clear. Legacy fundraisers want to make a bigger impact and they can’t do it alone. But that desire would mean nothing if people left the room waiting for someone else to take action. The truth is that it’s this group who will make the difference by the way we behave, the style and tone of our message and the quality of our confidence and ability. One thing is clear – it won’t happen if we wait for someone else…

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